Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tatties, Caterpillars, And Tatton

These photos were taken on Tuesday up at the allotment. I was pleased to see how much rain has collected in my water but besides the shed. I went up to do a bit of weeding and ended up seeing exotic looking Caterpillars and Ladybirds. I took home lots of nice Vegetables which I posed and photographed. These Caterpillars were munching away on these poisonous Tansys. The pretty yellow flowers were draped in Black and Yellow striped insects. Saying Don't Eat Me..

They loved these alkaloid filled plants. I think they would be toxic to humans and horses if eaten to excess..

A lone Ladybird wandering around on the plot. These are such happy insects.I love finding them in the allotment or in the garden. They are aphid eating machines.

The Cabbages are nearly ready to be harvested. All the blood, sweat, bites and stings seem worth it once it has been washed, prepared, and cooked. The satisfaction of eating your own grown fruit or veg is amazing!I am almost evangelical..just try it and see.

The finished plates with artfully arranged New Potatoes, Pea's, Globe Artichoke, and three types of Courgette from Hils (normal, yellow, and round).
We ate the New Potatoes with some Chicken on Tuesday. They tasted lovely. I need to go back to harvest the rest of the Charlotte New Potatoes.
The RHS Tatton Park Show yesterday was amazing. I took over three hundred photos. Tomorrows post will be about this years show. It runs untill Sunday if you are near Cheshire.
There was so much there to see. It is one of the highlights of the year for me..


Sissie said...

What fantastic pictures. The vegetables look amazing! And the caterpillars are going to make amazing butterflies I bet. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Barbara

Georgina said...

Awesome photos bruv. Love the plate of hard-worked soil toiled grub :)