Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hitch And Home

We are finally settling into the new house, and one of our favourite visitors to the garden is a Nuthatch (named Hitch by Cat). He is the image of this daily telegraph photo. He flys upto the Sunflower hearts, takes one, then batters the heart on the fence with a solid crack of his beak on the wood.
After long days and nights I have four days off to do some gardening, and seeing whats growing up at the allotment. We are due to have internet put on tomorrow which means I can finally blog my before garden photos which are on the other laptop.
I have spent the time here so far making up hanging baskets, observing where the sun rises, and how it crosses the sky in relation to the garden. Watching the wildlife, and planning the garden.
The bird feeders are a hive of activity, and you can while away an hour just watching the garden birds like Hitch.
I took Cat to Hampsons today to buy new plants for the new garden. I have bought Paeony, Aquilegias, Stipa grasses, Hollyhocks, a new Dicentra Bleeding hearts, Heuchera, Lupins, and a Butterfly Bush ready for clearing, digging, and planting tomorrow. I bought three bags of top soil ready to be dug into the first bed.
The boxes are finally getting unpacked and the house is becoming more homely. We had our large American Fridge/Freezer delivered today too.

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Anonymous said...

It is lot of observation to organize the garden you wish but with all the plants you brought from the previous one and the new ones il will be very nice quickly.
Thanks for your nice share of your organisation..