Friday, May 07, 2010

Blackbird And Baskets

We woke this morning to a hung parliament which means nobody has complete control of the country. Its like having three head gardeners all squabbling about the lawn, or what goes in the flower beds, or when to prune the Clematis. Its much better to have one leader.
This Blackbird was captured mid hop running alongside the planter boxes. He is only bothered about worms and eating food.
Yesterday I planted two hanging baskets and one planter box at the new house. I used the mixed Lobellia, and plants from the hanging basket mix to fill them.
We had wardrobe problems when they only delivered one half of a pack of two. A few phone calls later I had to go to the shop to pick up box one of two! The second Wardrobe still needs putting together.
I have put up a fancy new feeder at the new garden. It has four hooks, a seed bowl, a water bowl, and a hook for fat snacks to hang on. I recycled some Strawberry plants into the raised bed.
We are both working the next three nights. I will blog again on Monday after a sleep. Have a good weekend wherever you are.


Kelly Rhoades said...

I don't feel like we know who is in control of our country either except for corrupt politicians we are all going to vote out next time. The US needs Senate and House term limits. If the President can have a term limit, everyone else should too.

Your garden is looking beautiful!

flowers said...

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