Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lilac Dreams

Flowering now in the pot in our new garden is my sumptuous Lilac Tree. I have had it for three years now. This year it has only grown one magnificent collection of heavenly scented flowers. These contrast to the green and speckled gold leaves. It is a small hybrid Lilac and is nearly two metres tal at the moment.
If you sit on the bench you can have the flowers balmy sweet scent wafting near your nose. I absolutely love the smell of Lilac. It is one of my favourite garden smells to take me back in time to me and my Grandmother and her sister....
I wander why this year only one branch has flowered? The roots were not disturbed during the move. The only thing I can think of is that the freezing winter damaged the growing buds and stopped them from flowering. The flowers last year were much more abundant but not as fragrant.
The Lilac Tree flowering is one of my gardening highlights of the year. What an excellent tree and flower!
Once its done the variegated leaves can start storing all their energys up ready for next years purple light show. Between the end of these flowers and next years I will be dreaming. My dreams will be Lilac scented and coloured.


Anonymous said...

My new garden is reallya vegetable plot but I am becoming so envious of all your beautiful flowers and shrubs that I am being tempted to plant something frivolous in some of my big dragon pots. I will wander over to the nearest garden centre this afternoon! Bearing in mind I have no wheels - just an old granny tartan trolley and I need something for the hanging baskets on my balcony I can see me overdoing it (again)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks for your comments Madame B.
I hope you bought some new flowers for your baskets.Some colourful blooms are good for the weary soul.I love imagining your Dragon Pots...I always overdo planting, and growing more seeds than what I can do with.

Laura Bloomsbury said...

Lovely pic - I can almost smell the lilac. One of my fave garden aromas - wish I had one.

David (Snappy) said...

you have been very busy Patio Patch with your communal woodland garden, and Dianes garden.I like your London City Garden quote.I will drop by your blog again soon..