Sunday, May 02, 2010


Sometimes in the garden random groups of plants when in flower, form beautiful contrasts. This Dandelion was lit by the spring sunshine against the electric violet of the tumbling flowers behind it.
This was pleasing to my eye and made this photo....
I spent yesterday and today moving stuff down to the new house. I roped in Hil's yesterday, and Cat's parents today into helping me move boxes. The house is slowly being transferred a mile down the road in boxes.
Its typical bank holiday weather, cold, overcast, and wet. The skies keep emptying every so often. The garden here was full of Blackbirds, Goldfinches, and Wood Pigeons this morning.
The new garden will have a massive injection of life,from the many plants here, along with my potted Apple and Lilac tree's. I will be digging them up and transferring them into plastic pots to wait for the move day. The bird feeding station and the bird table will come with me to entice the garden birds in the new garden. I need to buy a large bird bath, preferably cast iron like the one we found here.
I will blog soon the before pictures of the new garden. I'm trying to visualise it in my head first, then I can start a plan in earnest in my head gardeners notebook.
I want wonderful contrasts of colour, shape, and form in the new garden. It must be wildlife friendly too.


Philosophical Karen said...

Lovely photo!

Julie said...

The contrasting colours are stunning.
Seems a shame to have to remove the dandelion.