Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving Eve

This Ladybird was sat on the Dandelion when I took this photo. I love the huge size of the flower compared to the insect.
Today is the last day we will be at Fishponds. I dismantled the greenhouse which took two hours, packed the greenhouse contents into boxes, moved the two compost bins, and started to empty six hundred litres of water from three water butts ready to be moved, and helped move more boxes over to the new house.
The hanging baskets I planted at the new house are looking good and I watered them this evening. Tomorrow the removal man will move all our furniture into the new house.
Even Tom is excited for once. It has been a monumental task packing a three bedroom house up, and a garden packed full of two years worth of plants in between working. We have just finished our three night shifts and the move coincides with mine and Cat's days off.. We will have to get the Internet moved too to the new house so I hope that my three dongle works.
The main move will be stressful, but I should be able to start work on our new garden. I will post the before photos soon.


Eliza said...

I love that you can see the curly dandelion stamens so well, too. They look a little like saffron. I spent most of the week scouring my garden plants for ladybugs so I could transfer them to my pepper seedlings (which are being harassed by aphids). Nice photo!

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv & Cat (& Tom). Congratulations on your New Home! Send us your address so I can post you a lump of coal! Love sis x