Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tulip N Move

I'm back after a little mini break. This was a Tulip from the old garden, a beautiful Apricot/Peach colour.
We finally moved last Tuesday. It was a long stressful day but its all over now thankfully. They say moving is the most stress inducing thing you can do. We have been unpacking boxes, having done one room at a time starting with the front room, then the kitchen, and lastly our loft bedroom..
The one hundred and twenty five pots are now sat around the new garden on the concrete path, or on the decking that was here already. The water butts and compost bins were transferred. The Rose bench we put together has come with us, but needs painting with waterproofing paint.
I need to transfer the before photos that I took before the move from the old laptop to the new laptop to blog.
So far I have set up two bird feeder stations, planted a few Strawberry plants into an existing raised bed, and filled my Potato grow bag planters up with compost.
The garden remains an idea in my head which I toy around with whenever I'm not working.
I had to leave the Tulips behind, all of them except for the Blue Parrots in the large pot. I will buy lots from the Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate in September.
I have been working in between unpacking. The blogging has taken a back seat, as has the allotment. Now we're settling in I should be blogging more often. I do enjoy before and after photos, especially of our new garden. There is new wildlife to photograph, and a garden that is like a blank canvas.


Georgina said...

Yay you! Glad you're settling in. Email me your address brother so I can send you an amazing Newt card all ready for the purpose of your House Warming. Sis x

chandler landscaping said...

ahh yes, the dreaded move! At least this little tulip cheered you up a bit.. Really pretty! Cheers~