Friday, May 28, 2010

Geum Mrs Bradshaw

A plant that has seemingly recovered from the shock of being transplanted is this Geum Mrs Bradshaw. It has bloomed since I planted it in the raised bed. It has lovely red flowers with golden yellow stamens like a crown in the blooms centre. They flower at the end of long stems and seem to float in thin air from a distance.

The flowers have a gradual change of colour, and start of an orange colour, and the red seems to develop from this. This flower is a tiger stripe mixture of red and orange.

This is how the buds start before the transformation begins between the orange and the red ones.
It has been a good day. We went food shopping, then returned later to Asda to buy a patio set. Six black reclining chairs, a black glass table, and black parasol. All for one hundred pounds. These are sat on the decked area immediately outside the backdoor overlooking the garden and the birds.
The garden here is slowly coming on. I cut the back grass again. The neighbour will help us tomorrow take down the decking frame and slide. I will be able to sit with Cat then and plan what to fill the available space with.
I'm thinking of more Geums (I have an orange one too but its not flowered yet), some patio fruit trees, and some grasses and bamboos. We need to connect the water butts to the sheds guttering to collect rain water.
A new garden is organic, growing all the time. It is fluid and dynamic, not static. These colourful flowers are the icing on the garden cake.

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