Monday, May 03, 2010

Blue Parrots And Garden Birds

I started work today on digging up all the garden plants that will be moved in a weeks time, and replanting them in temporary pots. I started at the back of this garden. There are twelve pots of Strawberrys now, along with my Raspberry Tulameen, and a Gooseberry bush. The Tulips will be the last things dug up as I need to have them arranged in colour order when they are dug up( ready for planting the bulbs in November). The Blue Parrot Tulips were bought at the Autumn Flower Show last September in Harrogate. They are planted in a big pot so I can just move their pot without disturbing the plants. They look purple in Spring sunshine.

These were the Blue Parrots through the backdoor window this morning. It is cloudy, and has rained intermittently. The birds have been in the garden watching me pot plants up. I repotted my two Rubber Tree plants today as well.
I have removed the plants from one of the two borders. This took me around five hours. I have stopped for the moment.I might go back out this evening to continue the selection of the plants that will be moved. From the table looking out I can see the plants in my lidless cold frame...
Sambucas Nigra, My Camellia, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, four Lavender plants, the Rhodandendron Shamrock, Rose Margaret Merrill, the Leopards Bane plant, Dianthus Jazz Festival, and more... I have also tried to bring a Welsh Poppy from this garden. I found a perennial root with new growth on it. Fingers crossed that the plant survives being transplanted into a pot. That one plant should colonise the new garden borders once they are dug.
I saw a few rare garden birds today as well. The camera shy Chaffinch has come about four times. Every time I tried to photograph him the camera ran out of battery, or he flew off by the time I turned the camera on. He is very regal looking, and quite shy about being in the garden. He flys away at the hint of my camera.
I saw a pair of Grey/Yellow Wagtails?, singing in the shrubs behind the duck run. I followed them up and down the garden listening to their song. They flew between shrubs serenading and pecking at insects. I think they were Grey Wagtails, not like the Black Wagtails we see outside.
Cat is finally finishing her nights tonight. So we can start moving boxes down to the new house again tomorrow, and I can finish the plant evacuation of Fishponds. The Blue Parrot Tulips look stunning in the sun.


clairesgarden said...

best wishes for you and Cat in your new house, hope it all moves smoothly!

Julie said...

Those tulips are absolutely beautiful. I love the frills.
Not very scientific of me sorry but I am new to gardening LOL

Ann Flower said...

I love your flower photos. These are so beautiful and elegant.