Sunday, October 04, 2009

Writers Block And Wind

Its sunday today and I am off work. This is my 161st post this year! I have found it hard to think of something to write about, some Bloggers writers block.
I went to the plot yesterday, walking the three miles to it. I was blown about by gusting winds.
I noticed the leaves flying around in the air, twirling around and around as they plummeted down to the ground.
The hedgerows were laden with masses of red and orange berrys, Black Elderberrys pull the branches down with the weight of them.
The day was cloudy, but occasionally the sunshine shone through gaps in the cloud.
I saw tree branches snapped, a shed on the allotment was blown over onto its side.
Hils glass was blown over and smashed into hundreds of pieces at the side of her plot.
Here in the garden the bird table was blown over, as well as numerous pots. The plastic bird water bowl was blown out of the feeding station onto the patio. The greenhouse cover was ripped in a few places, and the curtain covering blew into the garden. The wind caused chaos yesterday, but I spent four and a half hours in the allotment continuing my clearance, and weeding a bit.
The sunshine is back, and the wind has abated a bit. The photo shows a gladiolus that I found in the border from the previous owners. I planted it and it was overgrown by bird drop Sunflowers.
It has beautiful pink tinged flowers. A suprise for me as I did not know what the bulb was going to turn into.
The walk yesterday was good for observing the signs of Autumn, and thinking how to write about them. There are so many things to write about, we sometimes need a break from it to recharge our batterys.

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Georgina said...

Hey Bruv

I thought, when I saw the title you meant writers block and intestinal wind ha ha.

Hope you had a great time in the Big Smoke.

Mum, Trev, Scott & I had an awesome holiday... all over too quickly.

Love sis x