Monday, October 05, 2009

Xmas Amaryllis

This is the Amaryllis bulb i bought from the Autumn flower show. It will have multiple red flowers between the green strappy leaves.
Most of the Amaryllis I have grown have been giant single flowers.
The over sized bulb has been planted in a ten inch pot with the bulb sticking out of the soil. This stops it from rotting if it gets too wet.
I'm hoping the flowers bloom by Xmas. Once it has grown on a bit I will bring it indoors. The Streptocarpus will return to the greenhouse to over winter ready for next years flowering extravaganza.
I bought one new Streptocarpus this year, bringing my collection to ten plants with all different colours.

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Bren Haas said...

My Amaryllis usually get put in my favorite container just before Thanksgiving and are blooming by Christmas Eve. I just started a flat full of Streptocarpus with hopes of growing them in my greenhouse for some larger containers in the spring. THEY ARE SUPER EASY to divide and grow.

LOVE YOUR BLOG.. .ENjoy this time of year!