Monday, October 12, 2009

Lavender Bloom n Blogs

The Lavenders last flower that is still in bloom today. I love the smell of the plant itself and the purple flowers. The plants I bought have grown on a bit. Hopefully they will grow much larger next year, with more bee attracting flowers wafting their rich scent skywards.
I read on the BBC news site yesterday an article about ten years of blogger. I have been blogging for five years.
The ups and downs of my life have been recorded, along with the gardens I have had or helped on. the two different allotments I have had.
The photos get better across the years, and maybe my writing has improved.
The article asked is blogging still relevant, and why do people do it? The main answer was shared passions, and the feeling of community. American women took blogging to their hearts and now there are blogs on every aspect of modern life.
I enjoy how gardeners have used blogs to talk about their gardens, their plants, the problems they encounter. People are kind enough sometimes to leave comments, and often discussions rage on in the comments after an article.
The blog here is a mix of journal of the seasons, wildlife observation, storys, and occasional educational. I enjoy the mixture of pictures and prose.
Nobodys said for me to stop yet, so i'll keep on blogging about the things that I love. Blogs are part of the gardening world, and exist all over the world.
The link is a shared passion for growing things (flowers or veg, or both) and wanting to share the experience.
Like my love of the last Lavender bloom.

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