Saturday, October 10, 2009

On The Maple

This baby Goldfinch has fluffy, downy feathers and was not frightened of my camera. We saw him eating spilt Nijer seeds off the patios. He flew up into the foxgloves and under the birdtable.
The garden birds were singing out in force this morning. Great Tits chattered around the Apple tree with its delicious red Apples and the seed feeder.
A winter flock of Goldfinches is forming. More arrive every day with their black and red faces, and yellow wing bars.
I watched Autumn Watch last night and saw a bat survey. The volunteers drove along roads at night, at fifteen miles per hour with a bat detector box that increases the Bats noises to human hearing. They could work out later what species they had heard on the Bat box.
I saw Bats in the garden at twilight one night madly circling and diving, like dark acrobats. They may have been the scouts sent out by the colony to see if it was dark enough to come out to avoid predators.
I have seen my two Hedgehogs almost every night snuffling in the garden, eating all the bugs and worms that they can find.
The garden is alive with the wildlife, and I only have to go outside to see it. Adding a few bird feeders and waterbowls, growing a wide selection of native plants and flowers. These simple steps can encourage Wildlife to visit your garden.
What wildlife is in your garden?

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