Monday, September 28, 2009

Changing Season

The leaves on the WitchHazel were turning fiery colours a few days ago. I knew that the seasons were changing from summer to autumn.
The Pyrocanthus berries are now big and orange, ready for the hungry birds to eat.
The days are getting shorter, and cooler at night. Its dark earlier, and the sun is rising later.
The first frosts are forecast to hit next week in higher parts of the UK.
The only flowers that are still blooming well are the Geraniums. Floral guests who like to arrive fashionably late. The deep reds, pinks, and magenta blooms flower in colourful balls over the compact leaves.
I harvested almost ten pounds worth of Carrots yesterday. Autumn King, Chantonay, and Suga Snax.
Once I finish work I will turn them into soup, and freeze the rest. We shall have carrots all winter, good for seeing in the dark Autumnal days.
When I spent a year in Australia the two things I missed were the football season (i listened to second half commentary on the BBC World Service), and the seasons. The Southern Hemisphere does not have neat seasons like the UK.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. I appreciate them more now, and enjoy each passing season and the changes in the plants and flowers between them.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

The sense of renewal I get in the spring is often worth the winter.

James said...

What a nice blog! I just came across it while searching the internet for flower gardens. Your post put a smile on my face as I used to live in the northeast of the US where they get all 4 seasons, and fall is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing.

clairesgarden said...

we are having a wet autumn, following the wet summer! tha garden tree is changing into its autumn colours...nice to see your hedgehog helping you clear those slugs!

Anonymous said...

nice pic of the witch hazel foliage, i got one from last year and it's done really well, i can see lots of flower buds again already. would you like me to email a pic of that for your blog?