Sunday, October 11, 2009

Books And Blooms

The Fuschia Royal Velvet has flowered on the kitchen windowsill. Large flowers with pink and purple colours, and so heavy that the pendulous flowers pull the plant over. The plant came from the Autumn flower show.
I spent yesterday weeding the borders, and putting my old compost on top of the dry soil. The black compost bin will supply more organic matter to keep the moisture in.
Some eager spring bulbs have begun to push up their strappy green leaves.
Now is the time to plant my Alium bulbs (gorgeous firework flowers in purple or white), and the Tulips at the end of this month.
The borders need some Daffodils and Narcissus. I'll go shopping after my night shift on Monday. As one season ends we plan for the next year.
I bought a book the other day called "The Lost Garden Of Heligan". A country estate with beautiful gardens lost all its gardeners during the first world war. The estate and garden fell into disrepair. They sank into brambles, and the structures fell apart. Untill a pair of men stumbled onto the jungle like gardens and decided to renovate them.
I have read a few chapters. The long dark nights are a good chance to relax with a good gardening book.
Monty Don has released a new book called "The Ivington Diaries" about his own garden over a period of fifteen years. Its on my wishlist..

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Realtor Toronto said...

Hi. The Lost Garden of Heligan seems like interesting book. I just finished reading of some classical literature and good gardening book would be a pleasant change. I love gardening too but most of my flowers are inside our house. The flowers of Fuschia Royal Velvet looks beautiful.

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