Friday, October 09, 2009

State Of Play

The allotment at the end of the day yesterday. Cat took the photos for me as I put away all the tools. You can see the enormous compost heap on the far right. I need some compost bins to start it up. The Globe Artichokes are closest to the bottom. Followed by the Leeks, then Courgettes, and Squashes.
I only had a few plants in pots to start growing this year. They were quite late going into the ground. I had to clear the grasses and weeds that you can see at the far left. A few years of growth has given them about a foots deep worth of thick roots, embedded in compacted clay soil.

The camera shortens the length. Its about thirty five feet across and takes hours to clear a one foot length of soil. The square near the top is the onion bed. One hundred white ball onions went in yesterday to grow over the winter.
There remains about ten feet off the grass/weed mix to dig over and clear.I will be happy when that is done. The marking out can be done and plans made for the growing season next year.

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