Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chilli Magic

Its the seventh of October and my greenhouse Chilli plants are growing a little selection of fruit. These plants have cast a spell on me, and the growing year is not complete without sowing some Chilli seeds. This year I tried Jalapeno, Habanero, Tabasco, Cayenne, and an unknown variety..
This first photo is from a mystery Chilli. I bought a one pound grow pot with a packet of unnamed Chilli seeds. Four plants grew and they are all growing this short cylindrical fruits. I do not know how hot they are, or the variety.

Resting on a shelf are these Cayenne Chilli's ripening to red, and two Jalapenos that fell off. I grew Jalapenos last year and made chicken breasts stuffed with Jalapenos and cheese. I love these Chilli's. I hope that the plant survives over wintering and fruits earlier next year. I bought more Jalapeno seeds from the Autumn flower show just in case.

The last photo is of a small Habanero Chilli. These have a few of these fruits forming on the plants.
I enjoy growing these plants from seeds. There are so many varieties, and different levels of heat. I want to buy a heated seed tray propogator as most chilli's need a soil temperature of about 18 degrees centigrade. I grew one Jalapeno plant from ten seeds.
The Cayenne Chilli's seem easy to germinate at temperatures below the magic 18. I need to find some Recipies to use up my Chilli's.
Growing Chilli plants is addictive. Continuing the 6500 years of Chilli growing. They have travelled around the world throughtout history, and been absorbed into many cultures, and foods.
Their fiery taste lights up the mouths of cooks, and the green fingers of Gardeners. I cant wait to taste this years Chilli harvest, and plan for next years plants.
I have got a Levi Roots Caribbean cookery book and I need some Scotch Bonnet Chilli seeds for his recipes.

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