Sunday, October 18, 2009


These Dianthus Jazz Festival look like Japanese Egrets flying through the air.
I have been working nights, and then lost the laptop for a few days hence the gap in posting.
The Autumn weather is here, cool days with wind and rain.
The leaves have fallen onto the pavements, ready for me to kick my way through them. Sending showers of leaves into the air.
The birds have been flocking into the garden, and topping up the feeders is nearly every few days.
We had six pidgeons feeding on the floor, and maybe fifteen Goldfinches.
Its hard to count with the dynamic movement of birds between feeders to trees, and back.
I planted the new Daffodils and Aliums the other day. Ninety bulbs went into the borders, to add colour next spring. There is something magical burying a bulb, covering it with soil, and waiting for it to do its own thing.
By next march the garden will be full of Daffodils, Narcissus, and the Aliums..

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Charlotte Weychan said...

You're right - autumn is really here - and I'm just waiting for the first frost! Lovely picture.