Friday, July 31, 2009

The Late Companian

The Nasturtiums I sowed have flowered at last. I grew them to be a companion plant to protect the Cabbages.
They have grown too late, and the Cabbages have been eaten by the White Butterfly caterpillars.
Today is the first dry day this week. It has rained for most of July. The third wettest in a row...
I need to tidy the garden, and continue digging the allotment.
The birds and butterflys are flying around the garden. The Gladiolus are forming flower spikes.
Geraniums, Verbenas, Snapdragons, Clivias, and the Crocosmia are all in bloom. There are splashes of colour around the garden.
I hope we have some sunshine soon for our two week holiday. Its been wet since Tatton.
I love the colours of the Nasturtiums and they are so easy to grow from seed...

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