Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Yorkshire Show

We went to the Great Yorshire Show last Thursday. This was the second time I have been there. It was sunny most of the day, and it was absolutely packed. We saw these young riders being judged in the white Rose ring near where we came in. The Show highlights country life and country pursuits, such as riding and showjumping for horsemanship.

The stables were full of grooms and owners busily washing, brushing, and preening the horses. These were my favourite Clydsdales getting their fetlocks washed clean. They stood placidly, enjoying the attention.

The Welsh Horses only had two entrants. This man sprinted around the Arena with this very feisty Horse. The Horse was trotting but the man worked up a sweat as he tried to keep up with him. They won the Rosette...

The Yorkshire eye had made a return, and the crowds queued to go up in it for a birdseye view of the Showground. The show uses the whole of the showground so its a lot of walking around it. You need flat shoes..

We looked at the Poultry, and found Ducks being shown at the back. The noise in the Poultry house was deafening. All manner of Cockerals and Hens were being displayed for judging.

Near to the Black Sheep Pub the Sheep Shearing truck was there again. The Kiwi man demonstrates Sheepshearing for the onlooking crowd. I love how he flips the sheep on its back to relax it whilst he clips off the fleece.

The highlight for the day for me was the birds of Prey display. They flew Vultures, a Golden Eagle, a Black Kite, A Kara Kara, and an Barn Owl..

These are amazing creatures, and the crowds flocked around. The flying birds can entrance people as they flew around the arena.

There were livestock too around the Showground. These Bull came out decorated with all the rosettes he had won before. The detail payed to prepare them is amazing. Washing, brushing, cleaning, and making them immaculate. The owners familys were encamped too in the cattle sheds as they were made ready for judging. Old and young busily making their animals look beautiful.

They were paraded out and the judges inspect them before giving out Rosettes..

This Goat came over to me to inspect Cats bag and tried to start eating it. I actually stroked her, and the owner (sat behind me) said she had been biting visitors who tried to pet her earlier on during the week.I loved all the animals. These were the stars of the show.

The Last photo shows the Cock O The North Show jumping.We had to leave early again so we never watched much of it. I would love to go to all three days of the show.
There were shops, farmers unions, car dealerships, agricultural machinery dealers, milking machines..
The show has run for 151 years now. It was a fun day out, despite us getting sun burnt. We'll be back next year im sure.
I hope the photos give a flavour of the show.


Anonymous said...

looks like you enjoyed it as much as I did- but no pictures of alpacas.....

Lesley said...

David, those are fantastic photos! The bird of prey is wonderful but I have to admit that cattle, especially bulls are my favourite. Bulls are powerful and beautiful.... cows are gentle and beautiful.

What was in Cat's bag to attract the goat's attention so much? :O)

The Clydesdale horses are magnificent. My grandfather used to work for a brewery and was in charge of the big Clydesdales that pulled the wagons.

Sheila said...

How fun!