Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stargazer Sunday

One of my favourite Lilys in flower now. The American bred 1970's style Stargazer Lily.
I love the gaudy colours of the petals, the orange stamen, and the Strawberry jam splattering in the centre of the flower.
This is the second year that this has flowered. I left the bulb in a pot, let it die back and it has resprouted the stem, leaves, and the flower buds.
I took over one hundred photos at the Great Yorkshire show on Thursday. It was so hot we got burnt. Will do a post tomorrow about the animals of the show....
We are eating Sunday dinner today with our raised veg beds Carrots, Peas, and French Beans from the grow bag.
Hope you all have good weekends, whatever the weather.

1 comment:

Lona said...

What a pretty lily she is. I am starting to love lilies after seeing so many beautiful ones to choose from lately on the blogs.
Can not wait to see your Yorkshire photos.