Friday, July 03, 2009

Sea Holly

My first day off, and the rain has poured down. I love the architectural qualitys of the Sea Holly photographed here. They never grew very much last year. This year they have grown and are growing nicely.
I wanted to find some Teasels, as they were quite spectacular last year at the old house. The Goldfinches are supposed to love the dried seedheads.
The new garden will be perfect to see if they are attracted to the Teasels.
Its the mens semi final at Wimbledon today. The two Andys are playing now (Murray, and Roddick).
I am planning on going to the plot over the weekend if its not pouring down with rain.
Its still humid today. We need a thunderstorm to reduce the humidity.
I went out today and bought lots of bird food, to replenish the dwindling garden feeders. Seed mix, Niger seed, and Sunflower hearts.
We have three Sunflowers in a race to grow the biggest flower. I am trailing in third place, behind Tom and Cat.
The Sunflower Moulin Rouge have not grown as well as the Asda Sunflower seeds.Giant Singles I think.
The birds will love the sunflower seeds in the Autumn. I saw Blue Tits hanging upside down at Cats house eating them off the dried flower head.
I hope you all have good weekends..

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Lesley said...

Hi David. I've never grown Sea Holly but we have several Teasels. I haven't noticed the birds being attracted to them but bees love them and lots of insects overwinter in them.

You have a good weekend too! :)