Saturday, July 11, 2009

Butterfly Wings

The Butterfly bush lived upto its name this morning by attracting this lovely Butterfly. I have only seen Cabbage whites flying around the raised Vegetable beds. This one alighted on the musky blue flowers and was feasting on its nectar, with his long probiscus.

I moved closer and closer, and when he realised I was just a crazy gardener he continued his nectar breakfast. The colours are amazing from the top, from beneath he is black coloured. He rested a while on the Cabbage leaves, and then the paving slab by the veg patch gate.
The Buddlea has been spreading across Britain since it was brought back from China. Its wilder cousin self seeds across railway lines, waste ground, and building sites.
The masses of flower plumes always attract Bee's and Butterflys in droves. I love the Butterflys flitting in and out of the garden, wild garden spirits.

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Lesley said...

I love to see the butterflies too and you describe it so beautifully. I think the sun must always be shining in Yorkshire..... my buddl (however you spell it! lol) have still not bloomed here in County Durham!