Sunday, July 12, 2009


The Fuschia Natasha Sinton in bloom in the hanging basket. The double pink flowers look like ballerina's in pink tutu's.
The rain has been falling all night. We repaired our leaky third water butt yesterday, as the tap was loose so it dripped the collected rain out.
There are three in a row by the side of the greenhouse.
I'm working today, so no more gardening untill tomorrow. The garden birds are out in force this morning. I have seen Starlings, Goldfinches, Blue tits, and Coal Tits.
More rain is forecast today..


Lesley said...

David, those fuchsia look marvellous! The fuchsia is one of my favourite flowers..... we have lots of buds on ours but none are open yet. What are you doing that I'm not?! lol

Natasha Sinton is a cracker and it really does look like a ballerina's tutu. My favourite is Bart Comperen. It has a very dark aubergine corolla. We have it in one of our hanging baskets and when the buds decide to open, I'll post a picture for you. :)

Alan said...

I must say the Natasha Sinton is rather delicate but sturdy, David.