Tuesday, May 30, 2006

working too much

It seems to me whenever im at work its sunny. When im not its raining. Most of May has been washed out with torrential rain, high winds, with only brief breaks of warm sunshine. The spring bulbs were weeks late before breaking the ground. Who knows with the weather? Last year my problem was dry heat killing plants by drying the soil.
This year i'm worried about the wet ground rotting the plants. If you care you worry, if you worry you try to check daily.
All the stress of work family and stuff dissapears when i get outside. I can go into my own little gardeners world. Soaking up new growth, insect damage, working out whats growing well, why things are looking ropey. For every beautiful flower growing i might find six that are floundering? Is it the soil? The weather? the site?
I am a worrier, at night i dont count sheep, I memorise whats growing, what jobs need doing. I love the physical side of gardening. Digging, planting, cutting the grass, trimming shrubs, weeding. Being outside is cool.
I find it symbiotic working with the garden on the hillside. Seeing what works etc.I am learning as i go along. Books, magasines, blogger's, and google! They are bearers of secrets when they disclose what works and what doesnt.
I have worked six days in a row, two to go.
I would love to spend more time gardening, but as it stands i have fleeting moments to go outside and soak in the vibes.
Thats what makes it more special when flowers bring colour and beauty to the world. We need to savour each moment, communing with nature, then dream of new planting ideas, new plants, and flowers.


Naturegirl said...

Aw yes gardening is so theraputic! :)

MariaJ said...

Now I know you have a gardeners soul! It's so familiar....

Mountain Mama said...

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