Saturday, May 20, 2006

New book

I got this today from the American book people I sent off for.An ex library book with three hundred heirloom flowers.Since I have only just got up I flicked through the intoduction about her moving to a farm in Nova Scotia, where the flowers and plants were unchanged for years, and for when people used to pass their fav flowers down through generations.
I thank Sigrun for the offer of Aquilegia Vulgaris seeds in September.Thnak you I will send my address!!
It was raining again this morning, it had rained all night.The garden has a lush, green glow to it.In the long hot summer (i hope) I will be praying for rain to soak the dry clay soil.
The plants look fine on my morning pre bed inspection (even before I go into the house I look at the flowers etc).Things are growing well, only some minor hosta damage.Cat attack?
Hope all your gardens are growing and giving you the best of times in May, more posts tomorrow after I wake up..

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