Saturday, May 27, 2006

Springtime energises

the gardener in us all.
I have posted fifteen whats growing today pics after my early shift.I cut the grass, trimmed the border edges, weeded a bit. A big thank you to two keen eyed bloggers who thought my mystery weed was a horsetail. (Lilly Marlene at and Sandy at ).
It has been pulled up, oops i read the advise after the act. I have never seen it in nearly two years, and until i looked it up i had never heard of it! Watch this space to see if the spores have spread.
I have had a two year battle with bindweed, it is allowed on the hedge at the front and the wild corner between the long borders middle point. I just rip it out knowing it will waste valuable resources regrowing. Ditto Dandelion weeds get pulled out, as babys if i can find them.
The hillside is so windy all manner of weeds get blown in. Today as i cut the grass i found little brown mushrooms (see pics) because as you know it has rained for weeks. It was dry today, sunny in patches but god was it windy!
All the hatches were battened down last time the winds howled over the hillside. Nothing is loose. I even tied my foxgloves up today to help support them.
I only put fifteen pics on today but took loads more. I want to get up tomorrow before work and have a plant count for the amount of species i have growing in the garden.
I work as a RN in the hospital so im working for days in a row now. I had to get out today, and feel the wind burning my cheeks and the sun warm my skin. I dont know when i will be able to get out again.
I loved every minute of the three hours i was able to spend outside. All the day to day stress and worries evaporate as i mowed the grass, clipped, weeded, and photographed.
So much is growing now, in my garden and in other peoples which i look at going to and from work. Buds, new leafs, birds singing, and its like a preamble to summer. The whole of nature is busy getting ready for a long summer party. Putting glad rags on, and starting to toe tap to the music.
Do other people get excited in springtime as plants grow, and flowers develop? The expectation makes the gardeners pulse speed up and blood flow. As you cut, weed, plant, sow you become connected to the earth, and feel the changing of the seasons gradually. A symbiosis between you and nature..
I did say i had poetic soul, and i deeply feel the energy now of springtime.

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crazygramma said...

Hi Snappy strange as it seems at the beginning of spring a dandelion gets me excited as I wait for the rest of the yard and the gardens to start coming back to life.
I know exactly what you mean about getting outside after a stressful day at work, being out in the garden always calms me down,usually in about 5 minutes.