Thursday, May 25, 2006

Help,What am i?I am about four inches long with woody base and protuding green stems rising to a point?Like a mini fir tree?? Posted by Picasa


lilymarlene said...

It is not very clear, but it looks like mare's tail or horse tail.....a pernicious weed that you'll have a devil of a job to get rid of. The roots go down more than two metres and any bit left in the ground will sprout again. To poison it you need to bruise it first so that some of the cell walls are broken, and also you will have to do it again and again!

Sandy said...

This is horsetail for sure. Do not hand pull or you will have ten times as much. I have had some success cutting them at the base with scissors. It has taken four years but I seem to be winning the battle. Also...don't walk on it and then walk in other areas of the garden. It spreads also by spores. Good luck!