Thursday, May 25, 2006

Flowering today and linking the world

In between work, catnapping, and my violin lesson I went out for a quick recon mission around garden to see what was growing.The white petunia has bloomed with its first flower, the pansys are amazing with the variety of colours from one species, the mystery weed is growing oddly.If anybody has any clue what it is please comment.
I need to mention Angela who identified my red tree (with the lost tag ha ha) as a Cotinus Coggygria. Last year it had the faint airy flowers that looks smoke like as it is light and fluffy.
Angelas blog post is gardening books to buy:
she identified my smoke bush, thank you Angela.
Yesterday I read Amy Stewarts blogpage about gardening blogs for a magazine article she is writing.Its quite cool actually.An enormous list of blogs has been added to the right hand page.She recommends linking other blogs with links, comments, photos of the good bad and ugly. I wrote before garden blogs can be more honest than magazines because they show the good bad and the ugly...Success and disaster, hopefully with humour.
The link between Angela and Amy Stewart is one of the wishlist books is Amy stewarts book about cut flowers, Flower Confidential. Amy S admits her blog is more commercially linked to her books and articles in magazines and newspapers. How she finds time to garden in between all that i dont know. In down time? (
I read the comments about tinny music but I love it so it stays (Annie Laurie), but all my posts have titles. I know blogger has problems but i have been on it for a year.Does any other blog have music on?All the ones i look at are silent.Any comments about my music??
I have just seen karens cool beetle on her rainbarrell and nice flower pics:
Claire has posted a beautiful poem and picture of a white rose.I love her Alameda Garden,
Angela has posted a beautiful pic of an easter cactus.It reminds me of my windowsill easter cactus. Epiphyllium with red flower:
Gardening and politics about big developers trying to bulldoze a community garden project in South Central L.A.
Go Christa for posting it,
Blogging makes the world smaller. Linking cool posts and photos joins us together. Kindred spirits of the earth loving variety talking about subjects big and small. From famous authors to unknown amateurs there is room for us all.
I keep leaving comments all over from Norway to Germany to USA to Australia. This garden blog has connected me to people of all ages and all nationalities. I love taking photos and writing too.My blog will stay the same because i love it.It has become a daily obcession to post daily..


Unknown said...

I think the music is fine. Keep it! First and foremost, a blog should express what the blogger likes and thinks.

Naturegirl said...

Yes I agree this blogging does make the world smaller. We kindred spirits find one another through our words and photos.We get to see gardens of the world just by a "click!" :)

Philosophical Karen said...

You asked for comments about your music, so I will tell you. It makes me think twice about coming here. I have to kind of "steel myself" for a visit to your otherwise enjoyable blog, and I know I pop by less often because of it.

It wouldn't matter what music it was, even if it was one of my all time favourites. Any blog that has music, no matter how nice the person, how enjoyable the posts, how desirable the photos -- I always think twice about visiting. (So I'm not just picking on YOU either.)

That is my undiluted opinion. (Though I absolutely respect your right to do what you like with your own blog.)

If you ever decide, for any reason, to try your blog without music, please let me know in a comment on my blog and I will come by immediately just to enjoy the novelty of it! ;-)