Friday, May 19, 2006

too many photos?

With all the sunshine/rain and new growth I got into taking pics.For my bad memory, and to share with the gardens blogosphere.May fills me with excitement with new growth, the dreams of perfect flowers, healthy plants, and long summer to come.
Someone asked why we blog? I think it is a sort of journal, a journey with seeds,bulbs, plants etc and the voyage to a beautiful garden. With twists and turns. Some people photograph flowers and leaves. Some write short posts.I write and photograph a lot, everything that is growing. I think there is beauty inherant in gardening, my ancestors must have been connected to the earth. The green Gene must run in my blood. My mum has it, my sister a little, my late grandparents, and their relatives too had it. I garden through trial and error, from reading information in books, magasines, and the internet now.
Some cool posts I read today are:
Growing Columbines from seeds (I want those plants so bad):

A beautiful Orangey Azalea:

Another wish plant is a bleeding heart, Dicentra:

Keep your gardens growing, whatever the weather.Im off to bed soon ready for a day in the garden tomorrow.Before my nightshifts on friday/saturday night.....

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