Monday, May 22, 2006

Annie Laurie

The name is the music, a traditional folk tune from the time of the Crimean war.The pic of course is the proportions of the human body by a mr L.Da Vinci.

It rained today again.When I did my daily tour taking the earlier posted photos I tried to remember the last dry day which was weeks ago.It is nature making you think that cold spring is going and seduces you with sunshine.Then it rains, gets windy, and is chilly.

Im expecting mushrooms to spring up on the grass because it has been so damp and wet.There is no period for the ground to dry out a bit.

Sallyanne is doing a blog now, after reading mine and seeing all the photo's I have taken.

I walked to the shop today and was looking at Aqualegia's in someones garden.They looked blueish in colour, but also some pink ones.I really want to grow them.Reading garden blogs inspires me to think of new plants and where I could grow them in my garden.Even when i have missed the boat already (tulips and daffodils, snowdrops, and bluebells, grape hyacinths).They will be planted in September.

What i read today was a beautiful garden ornament decapitated (I thought she had dropped the cherubic figure):

Shopping for pots and things, plus cool kitty in the back of the car:

More gorgeous Aqualegias (Columbine and Akeli are other names).Gotta get me some of these beautys.How can I never have heard of them before?Note to me grow some and give them to my Mum so she can find them too.The link is :

Earth plugs are things i have never heard of, but apparently they make great methods of planting seeds or cuttings, without resorting to plant pots outside which have a habit of dying.

I have brought plants indoors when i want to see things growing when I worry neglect might kill them outdoors, out of sight.One busy lizzy has survived on the windowsill whereas the frost killed the rest.oopppsss.

Last link is for Kerri's beautiful tulips in orange, pinks, reds, and yellows.I want to buy some bulbs in August for next spring:

Good night world, keep your gardens growing whatever the weather brings!

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Boxwood Cottage said...

Thank you for the mention of my blog Snappy! Fingers crossed that you'll find some aquilegia for your garden soon!