Sunday, May 28, 2006

A garden in Rochester, Kent

Here is my sisters funky watercolour plan of her new garden space in her new house in Kent.My missions is to populate the space with easy to care plants that need minimal green fingers.

It is a south facing garden, with a small patch of grass which she is trying to renovate with grass seeds.It has three concrete areas, the house is to the bottom right.It looks L shaped to me.

There is a yellow fence to the left border, a wooden fence and gate to the top edge, and a fence to the right of the grass.

I already have a rough plan.I will draw one for her, then acquire the plants etc and when it is done I will post my handiwork on here.

I use basic mapping for my garden to try and remember what is planted where and when.The blog is useful but as Amy Stewart says you cant categorise links.I have made over six hundred and fifty posts!There is much information there but finding out where it is...

More posts about Jawsys new garden to follow in due course.

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Georgina said...

Hi Davybro! I see my garden plan is to become famous! The left hand side of the garden has a yellow brick wall rather than a fence though. Can't wait to see your design.
Sis x