Monday, May 22, 2006

Passion flower post..

This post goes from Alameda, to Rome, to South America, to Italy, to Yorkshire where im writing it.Each day I read garden blogs from all other the world and they never fail to inspire me or make me think lets learn something about that plant or in this case a flower.
I saw a funky picture of a passion flower in bloom.I had never heard of it but was driven to google it for more information.Heres the original link:
Growing in sunny, aphid overran Alameda.I went through various sites to come up with a potted history of Passiflora.
Jacomo Bosio was a scholar in Rome writing a religeous treatise when a passing Augustian friar showed him a drawing of a flower found in South America.It had five petals, five sepals, a corona in the centre with anthers and stigmas.
He included it in his book linking the passion flower with the passion of christ.The website I read that is a modern day hitchhikers guide to the galaxy hence the strange letters:
Another link is from i village about the passion flower:,,hdpl,00.html
I loved the flower, it has a strange beauty in the uniqueness of its design.Thanks Claire for enlightening me to a new flower.It has been put on my wish list.I have found an english web site that houses a collection of plants, and sells seeds from their collection of Passion flowers.
The next link is between the passion flower and an influential italian Artist.The great Leonardo de Vinci.
I have been reading the Da Vinci code book, it passed around work and I thought I better read it before the film was released here. Well I am still reading it.
Who would think an italian artist, the catholic church, and secret organisations would link to gardens and more specifically plants and flowers?
The link is a seemingly random set of numbers in the book which when rearranged form a famous series. The Fibonacci series.
Which goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...
This website explains in detail about leaves, seed heads, seashells, and how those numbers reoccur.
Its all a bit much for my tired brain.I love the picture of the passion flower front and back, a visual representation of the fibonacci series,Also the spiral seedhead of the cone flower.

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Unknown said...

Terrific post! It's great to sit back and ponder the connectedness of all these things.

And if I can keep my passion flower alive and it ever sets seeds, I'd be happy to send you some.

I really like the new music, too--both Annie Laurie and You Are My Sunshine. Very sweet songs.