Friday, April 14, 2006

Weeds or Wildflowers?

Its 11pm and i need a bath to get the days grass and dust off my skin and out of my hair. All my muscles are glowing still from the repetitive motions of grass cuttting, raking, and evening watering. The nightlights are gleaming away in the dark.
I have looked at my photos again from today and past few days. Its funny how it looks on screen in comparison to my memory. When i cant sleep i dont count sheep i memorise my borders and remember whats growing. What needs doing. Visualise new designs, new planting arrangements.
I must get organised and get bulb/seed catalogues with pictures preferably. then i could design new borders.Work out planting combinations.
I did take pics the other day of garden weeds in a bid to identify them. The only inclusion criteria is they must flower to be included. Would they be wildflowers outside of my garden?
On the square border i have left one corner with some flowering perennial, creeping habit.
Blogger has put pic at top of this post not bottom!!
Cant wait for lilac tree to grow and flower.I have suppossed to stood in my Great Aunts garden admiring hers for ages, mystic like in a trance.I cant remember though.But that passed down memory (It was at my Nanna's funeral) inspired me, Hazel gave me twenty pounds to buy one.
I planted that today just left of centre on its own with grass below, and white garage above.the grass was brought up and retrodden on top of the soil so the join is not so visible.
If we move from Yorkshire i will bring it with me.It must be odd moving thinking what parts of your garden you would transport to the new house.
I remember when we moved here two years ago the garden was derelict, knee high grass, weeds, rubbish, masonry, car parts, broken glass, coalfire ashes, and various remnants of previous tennants.I think ten lots of people in one year.We have stuck it out, and have developed a beautiful garden.
I say we but i mean I.Sallyanne does the indoors (except plants on windowsills) and i manage the garden.
Today i was outside more than in, only nipping in for kisses, coffee, and quick chats.I was in my own little world.I dont hear the neighbours, dogs barking, nothing.Just me and the garden.
I think thats why gardens are so much part of retreats, buddhist temples, japenese style gardens combining planting, architecture, and space to encourage meditation.
In the spring my batteries are fully charged and i have been mad with doing the garden.Im back to work soon and then it will be days off that are for gardening.
It will grow well on its own though.It always does when you are not looking.
Back to my seeds a few sunflower ones have germinated, but about fifteen morning glory have appeared with their angel like leaves clasped back.They should be so gorgeous to flower.Roy in Australia tells me they are considered weeds there.Which brings me back to the starting theme about when is a weed a wildflower?
good night world, keep on growing.

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