Thursday, April 20, 2006

pre nights post

Its back to night shift tonight, so the blog will chill for three days while i work and sleep.Im sure it will survive.Today i found the first signs of slug damage.One demolished forget me not totally chewed.Do slugs have teeth?
I put slug pellets down to try and let my plants grow before they get eaten.The foxgloves look great now.They love under the forsythia in the corner of the long border/house.There is not much to photograph so i put up my kitchen window plants.
The busy lizzie has great red flowers (great balls of cajun fire!!), the kalanchoe damaged coming home has some flowers.The morning glory were transported into 3"pots for growing on before being planted outside.Im still debating how to display the morning glories.Either cane wigwam type structures or i thought of trellising against house for them to run up and flower.
The sunflowers need repotting but i will wait for the first paired leaves before moving them into three inch pots.I dont know where they can grow.They are mini sunflowers so maybe a border or pot somewhere....
Be back blogging in a few days.Keep on growing!

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Georgina said...

Hey Dave, "Slugs eat using a radula, a rough tongue-like organ that has thousands of tiny tooth-like protrusions called denticles". Bastards aren't they?!

I'd choose trellis up the house for the morning glories. Much more romantic than wigwams for the snails to appreciate.