Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Primroses and easter cactus

I fell asleep after work today and woke up a bit later.Some violin playing and a bath later and im posting some pictures.There was a cool post about these magic candelabra primroses, and i posted a comment about how primroses here are favoured by local councils for massed displays.Even outside my hospital!
The triangular bed is on my way from the bus station to the hospital.Mad display of pinks and yellows.Not as bright as the hospital ones.Tomorrows mission is to photograph them.
My easter cactus has got the maddest red flower on it now.Its like a dragons tongue exploding around the green succulent leaves.I cant believe its flowered again.Still more buds developing so expect more pics!!
I read a post before about a sunset cactus?Does anybody know about that.Need that Candelabra link:
I am working tomorrow but thursday will be sunflower plant repotting, and general gardening tidying up.Caan you believe the grass has started to grow back already?
When you dont look things grow and explode with new life, when you look daily you cant see changes.You need time lapsed pictures.Which if you have seen on TV makes plants sprout up, bud, and flower in a cascade of life and movement.
In real life it is gradual, imperceptible to the eyes.Thats the magic of the garden when something suprises you, and takes your breath away.
keep on growing world!

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