Sunday, April 30, 2006

letting the garden grow

I have worked my three shifts out of seven.The garden has been growing and maybe a few weeds too.After all the hectic activity we are all taking a breather.
I bought more plants today, six white trailing petunias for my hanging basket.I am waiting for mat to fix the bracket on.Two trailing bush fuschias will be the main plants and the white flowers will contrast to the pink/purple/reddish flowers from the fuschias.
My pink Camelia has been flowering away.Not its red sibling who sits with green leaves but no buds.Im thinking of moving it in winter further away from the pink one.I might try some eraceous soil at the roots to to try and make it flower!!Im stumped why it does not flower.Is it more sensitive to conditions than the pink one?
Not much else is flowering, apart from the summer pansys and violas.The hostas, roses, and all the summer flowering bulbs are developing slowly.
I need a new mower as the grass is developing.The dandelions have finished their first flourish of yellow flowers.They will be cut down soon.
Seeds wise the mysterious mon lam have germinated, and the evening primrose.Outside the nasturtium in the pot have germinated.
more pics soon,keep on growing!!

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