Monday, April 24, 2006

Daylight time

I have finished my nights now, and have been in the garden seeing what is growing in this fourth week of April.The lilac tree looks good with leaves expanding from the buds at the top of the branches.
Two forget me nots have small swirls of blue flowers.I find my mobile camera picks them up as purple even though they are light blue.
The carnation plants are growing skywards now.I wander if you can take cuttings because the main plant body snakes over the soil.Sallyanne's carnation in the vase need replacing soon.I know carnations as cut flowers, I hope to cut some for her from our garden.
My japanese maples have regrown leaves after their pot bound drought caused them to retreat into the sticky branches.I think they need a screen one side to reduce the wind that blows across our garden.From one way the border hedge breaks the wind up, but from the front gate side only the green wheely bin acts as a windbreak.
The hostas have appeared again, like old fashioned miners breaking out from the cloddy soil.I think they have naturalised to spread three quarters of the way across one border edge.I hope they can unfurl their green sails before any slugs eat them.
I think the slugs like my forget me nots.They are not attacking the snapdragons, or erysimums.
I have read lots of gardening blogs.How do you add links to your blog?I read about twenty regular and leave comments.From Old roses to Almeda to Canberra to Iowa.
Its funny how Australia is looking Autumn-ish with trees changing leaf colour.In USA and UK its spring with daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, crocuses.
I keep seeing gorgeous tulips in gardens, blogs, and magasines.I want to find a mail order catalogue and peruse through summer before planting in Autumn.
None of my outdoor seeds have germinated either in pots or the long border.When things grow i will be suprised.
The white birch now has delicate little leafs all over it but its too hard to photgraph as the detail wont show.
Back to work early tomorrow but that means an afternoon to tidy up garden, and take pics if anything grabs me...

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