Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday night

I have come in now after being outside for about five hours.I got the old yellow mower out which cut the grass at the side and front of the house.The blade holder has broken and one side has lost a screw fitting.I think its fate saying its time for a new mower.
It was a beautiful day, flitting between sunny and cloudy.Not windy like it was yesterday.I took more photos.
I saw a half dozen ladybirds again in my square border, and a pair of amarous lover ladybirds.I heard the birds singing.I felt the sun on my face, and the wind fluffed up my hair.My muscles ache now from doing the mowing with a push pull motion to control the hover mower.
About an hour ago i dug a hole and planted the lilac tree.Remembering my family past and present who made this quite a symbolic planting.It is the biggest thing i have planted here.A soon to be giant lilac tree.It sits off left from the centre of next doors garage wall.It is white so it should be perfect background for the green/blue leaves and pink flowers.
The cat followed me around, attacked the mower power cable, and was put inside the house untill i was done.
I raked the dead grass with my lawn rake, trimmed the border edges, edged the grass besides the path. Swept the path, removed over wintered weeds from the bricks, moved the brown bin to behind the coal shed.
More photos to follow.I am off work untill Sunday when im on early.Will post some musings later.Feel philosophical and have had many ideas working down by the grass and earth.

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