Saturday, April 15, 2006

End of time off

I finally run out of steam after cutting the backyard grass. Four days of mad working to prepare garden for summer. After I did it i sat and looked.I planted oxalis bulbs in the front window border.I have soaked the anemone bulbs but the light faded before i could plant them.
I took a few photo's of works in progress.The forget me nots have some flower buds nestled in the centre, as do the Erysimums.The camelia has nearly flowered.Only one of the two camelias have flowered, the second one failed last year.
I have a few days off soon to finish the back.I guess a garden is never finished totally.It gives me exscuses to go out and finish the jobs i want to do.
I'm not organised I just go outside and do the jobs in no particular order.It all adds up though, the sum is greater than the parts.
My morning glories have sprouted up, see the pics.I love their delicate first leaves, like angel wings as i said before.The sunflowers are lagging behind though in the germination stakes.
Tomorrow early i will be back at work, in the hospital.Will come back tomorrow afternoon Easter Sunday.More posts then...

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OldRoses said...

The gardens look great! I love your seedlings.