Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter monday

Well i went back today to finish the back garden off.Mainly weeding, tidying up grass, and finally planting my Anemone bulbs.There is not much growing fully yet so i took a few pictures.The garden is done for the moment.I am suppossed to sit back and watch things grow.I have night shifts coming up soon so i will sleep for days.
The first forget me not flower has bloomed, and the camelia has fat buds and one bright pink rose like flower.The morning glories are growing a treat, and the sunflowers are slowly catching up in the growing stakes.
I need to buy a new mower soon to keep the grass down, and some kind of structure for the morning glories to grow up.The germination rate has been fifteen out of fifteen which is amazing.
The garden looks calm now after all the work i have put in.I found some of last years plant labels.I want to write what plants are growing.I dont know how many im growing.
I hung a honey bee mini windchime in the beech tree to tinkle away.I hope the birds get used to it.
The only damage i have noticed is from the cat using the borders as a toilet.I dont know why she has started this bad habit.
Last year after i sorted out our garden all the neighbours followed suit.We will see what grows and what does not.

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