Friday, April 14, 2006

Good friday April 14th

Just a quick post before i go out to the shop to buy Sallyanne some cut flowers and easter eggs for sunday.I got up and made a coffee.I went outside, and immediately caught the cat in the act of squatting on my new border.I chased her around the garden before she ran up the tree.See the first photo from today.She is about six foot up the tree sat in a branch enclosed, pine smelling safe place.
The Camelia's flowers are pink and gorgeous now, nearly ready to open.The first flower of 2006.
The Euphorbia have yellow flower buds between the red/purplish leaves.Everything else is about the same.
I have the lilac tree soaking in a bin untill i wor out where to put it.Its going to grow to 250 cm which i measured.That is tall!!It will be somewhere along the garage but i dont know where yet.
I have to soak the anemone bulbs for four to six hours.The oxalis can be planted staight into the ground.
Finally the seeds have come alive.But only the ones i planted from packets this year.Last years seeds have failed to germinate one plant so far.The sunflowers and morning glories are out of the blocks.

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