Thursday, June 28, 2012

Olympic Colours

In the green planter under the Apple tree this pretty red and orange flower has bloomed.I could not remember planting anything there.It smelt very sweet.
It is two Freesia plants that i must have planted the corms in the Spring.they have the look of crocosmia but smell divine.This is a second plant with five buds on the flowering stem.
I sellotaped the stem of this one to try to photograph the red and yellow flower.It has beautiful blue stamen and a strong sugary scent.
The white Lupin is also flowering away now.The two new plants were designed to contrast with the purple spires of the other Lupins.They need deadheading now to encourage a second flush of flowers.
The patriotic Petunias i ordered from Suttons have finally started to bloom with all three colours.Red,white,and blue.Just in time for the upcoming olympics.
 I love these contrasting colours.We have them in three planters and this one basket.they have a lovely fragrance too released mostly in the evening.

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