Saturday, June 02, 2012

Preperation Day

I spent the day cleaning the garden ready for our royal celebration tomorrow.I swept the whole length of the concrete path,removing leaves,weeds,cut grass,bird food,and twigs.
 We blew red,white,and blue balloons up and tied them in groups of three.The bunting has been tied and hung up.A large jubilee flag is hung on the butterfly lights and blowing around now in the wind.
 Cat cut the grass with the lawn mower and I trimmed the edges with my grass clippers.I watered the Hosta's and the sunken border.I have cleaned the grey plastic chairs ready for our barbecue tomorrow.I planted the Sutton's Petunias in the three containers with Sweetpeas,and one new hanging basket.
  The blue butterfly lights are on now and the garden looks serene ready for our Jubilee lunch tomorrow.
 I hope the weather holds for us.Fingers crossed I can get the BBQ out.

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