Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday Cleanup

 We spent the afternoon today clearing the weeds and Teasels out from the front gardens driveway.The drive way is a sloping layer of white stones ontop of bare soil, which is ideal for germinating tree seeds and weeds!The man who made the drive never used a black tarpaulin layer under the stones to prevent weeds from germinating.The weeds and trees have loved this year and were growing all over the stones.My Teasels that I put in the garden bin had showered the driveway with Teasel seeds and hundreds of seedlings were growing between the stones.If they all grew and flowered there would be thousands of them!I think they may be best left growing in the wild as they are rampant and vigerous growing.
 The photo shows the wildflowers I do like that are growing next to the pond.The rain has battered all the stems down but they have sprung back up.
 There were all kinds of flying insects feeding off the Wildflower daisys.The yellow centres and white petals have a purity about them.This GreenBottle loved the flower.
 This solitary Bee was alighted on the flower,drinking its nectar.You can just sit on a warm dry day and watch pollinating insects flying in and around flowers.the Wildflower area has a variety of flowers growing.
These Yellow Snapdragons have self seeded and grown around the back of the pond.I love the lemon yellow colour,and how candy like they smell.
 Clearing the weeds from the drive will be a twice yearly task untill we can get it tarmacced or paved over.Cats car sits on the drive away from the speeding cars on the road.
 I picked our first box of fresh Strawberries today from the raised bed.What better way to ease the pain of scuffed fingers than Strawberries and Cream!
 Its going to be a wet week ahead according to the BBC weather forecast on countryfile.I need to get to the allotment to see whats growing,and to sow my new seeds.

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