Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old Roses and Exotic Seeds

   The warm weather has encouraged some of the Roses to bloom in the sunlight.The Lady Emma Hamilton was glowing yesterday in the warmth.I love the strong scent she has.The bush is covered in eager rose buds ready to bloom.
 A late comer to the Roses blooming is the Rose Harlow Carr.It has a sweet fruity scent,but has masses of buds all over the very spiky plant.this one scratches when you want to sniff the blooms.
My favourite citrus scented Rose Gertude Jekyll.she has bloomed almost a month later than last year,maybe down to the strange British weather we have been having.
 My seeds arrived today from Fothergills.Red Mustard,Rainbow chard,and some Bok Choi.I thought the allotment beds with spaces could try growing more exotic vegetables.
  The garden is looking very green with lots of flowers blooming.The wildlife seems happy with it too.

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