Monday, June 18, 2012

Los Mariposas

I got an email about a conceptual garden being shown at the RHS Hamton Court Garden show in July 3rd-8th of this year.It is designed by Robert Kennett and is entitled Los Mariposas.This is spanish for the butterflies.A symbol used by Amnesty International to highlight womens rights in Nicaragua.
 He has planted around a pink cube with Cornflowers and Stipa Tennuissima or pony tails.
    He will put the national flower of Nicaragua Frangipani on a copper bell jar,in the centre of the pink cube.Lots of exotic lush planting and Pentas plants will be there to feed the live butterflies that will be flying inside the cube.These represent the hopes and dreams of the Nicaraguan girls.The heating,humidity, and light will be controlled to make a perfect environent for the Butterflies.                                      
 Butterfly World at Saint Albans will be providing the Butterflies for the conceptual garden.                                                                              
Amnesty International sent thousands of handmade painted Butterflies from around the world to Nicaragua last year to express solidarity with womens groups fighting sexual violence in a hostile political environment.                                                                                                                         

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