Monday, June 04, 2012

Jubilee Dinner And Downpours

 We had our Jubilee lunch yesterday.The rain had started to fall overnight on Saturday night,and it rained the whole Sunday.Our planned outside barbecue was moved indoors into the conservatory.We blew up all these balloons and Cat tied them in groups of three.
 The bunting decorated the fence on the newly rearranged pots.The path was cleared for people to be able to walk up and down.
 The garden became the backdrop as we watched the BBC's coverage of the Royal Pageant along the river Thames in the conservatory.
 The Queens Jubilee flag got absolutely soaked and dripped all over the fence.It rained non stop all day.They planned the river pageant for two years but not for the awful weather!
 The baby Squirrel did not mind the rain.He  tucked into the birds seed whilst we had chicken drumstick,burgers,and sausages.There was salad,pasta,and sweets too.
The conservatory was decorated in red,white,and blue.I enjoyed the spectacle,and seeing how many people lined the banks of the river Thames.
 It has been dry today and sunny!Alas I have to go back to work tonight.The garden still looks lovely after its grass cut,and pot brush up.

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