Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Grown And Jitka

 It was a lovely sunny day today to take my seed grown Vegetable plants up to the allotment to plant them.I had the metal supports from last year to construct the netted cage on the left.The local Walton Pigeons love pecking Brassicas to bits,so this keeps them off the young plants.
 I also made the mini version on the right hand side to protect the Broccoli Waltham,grown from USA seeds this year.
 The last two beds have been dug over (again) and are ready for the last lots of seeds to be sown.I have ordered some more seeds from Marshall, based on a famous kitchen garden Lady's best vegetable list.I have had my Carrots,Japanese Onions,and Parsnips fail to germinate any seeds this year.I bought a packet of Johnsons East European Carrots called Jitka to try out from Asda.
I also planted some Outdoor girl Tomatoes,Moneymaker Aubergines,and the three Butternut Squash from Hampsons.My Butternut Squash seeds did not germinate at all.
  This Poppy was blooming just under the side of the Onion bed.My secret strimmer had not strimmed this Poppy away.I love the delicate petals,covered in jewels of droplets, after i watered the Onions.
  The area behind the last two raised beds needs clearing,and maybe covering with black tarp.The weeds and grasses grow like mad on any bare soil.I am thinking of green manure for all the raised beds to try to prevent the weeds getting a hold.
  The allotment has last years Leeks growing flower buds,ready for me to try to harvest the seeds.This years Leek Neptune are in the Greenhouse.
 There are Potatoes,Red and White Onions,Shallots,Garlic,Sage,Peas, and Turnips growing.I have sown more Peas,and French Beans in the raise beds.
   The allotment will help provide lots of fresh Vegetables for our meals this year.

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