Saturday, September 04, 2010

September Thoughts

September is the month for Tinting and Fruiting. I cannot believe we are into the ninth month of the year already. The growing season is drawing to a close. The first leaves are changing their green to red and orange on the edges..
These beautiful Flowers are from our gardens Chocolate Mint, that was growing in the garden when we moved here in the corner of the sunken bed. I re potted it and planted the pot into the sunken border where it has grown beautifully.
We went on Thursday to the Lancaster canal and saw masses of wild mint in flower along the Canals edge water. There were also fluffy Baby Coots, and quacking Ducks in between the lovely painted Canal boats with exotic names.
The Mints petite lilac hued flowers are very attractive to Bee's. I like rubbing the mint leaves and then smelling the warm fragrance afterwards on my fingers.
The Blackberries in Lancaster by the Canal were only just beginning to turn red. They are more advanced here. I have made Apple and Blackberry Pies already. I was reading the Woodlands Trust email today and it had recipes for traditional Hedgerow produce. Blackberry and Apple crumble, Rowan Wine, Rowan Jelly, Rose Hip Syrup..
Traditionally people used to collect these wild bounty to make these wonderful products. This is a dying art as most people have forgotten their connection to the seasons.

I bought another pair of Frogs for my collection, and these Bulbs from the Barton Grange garden centre, near Preston. I wanted the Autumn Crocus called Colchicum. It is famous for being able to flower with no soil or water in a glass..
Cat bought the two packets of Freesias. Single and double fragrant mix in a variety of colours. These will go into two pots to be nurtured, then admired at close range.
I'm cooking more Apple pies as im typing this. I have used up all the Apple we froze last year when we had a glut of Apples. They are cooked then frozen so we can enjoy the delicious Apple Pie with warm custard throughout the winter after a Sunday dinner.
September is a month to be productive with all your harvested Fruit and Vegetables, both cultivated and wild.

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Debbie said...

Mmm, apple pie! I'd like to try some! I've had tons of blackberries from our bush this year, have had to freeze most of them as there are just so many. Then on top of that, all the apples and pears are dropping off our fruit trees and the pears in particular are delicious and sweet. It really is so satisfying to grow your own produce!